Desert Rise 12u

Camilla Chairez - #3

Audrey Hobbs - #16

Parker Tsui - #2

Ava Sander - #22

Jayda Hunt - #7

Maliha Young - #5

Shelbie Mitchell - #4

Kaitlyn Hyppa - #8

Everlynd Walberg - #14


Practice Times:

Sunday: 5-7pm @ Imagine Prep

Tuesday: 5:30-7:00pm @ Surprise Elementary


  • ​​Jan 11th: Club Seeding #1​

  • Feb 1st: Club Final Seeding #2

  • Feb 15th-17th: Festival Fiesta

  • Feb 22nd: Club #3

  • March 14th: Club #4

  • March 21st - Club #5

  • March 28th-29th: Vulture Peak (Prescott)

  • April 18th: Club #6

  • May 2nd: Region Championships


**(June 25th-28th: Volleyball Fiesta in Phoenix (Optional - Additional Fee) - Decision to be made by February!



Hello All,

One last update!  After my last update stating we will not be continuing with Desert Rise in the future, I received a few messages looking for more details and I thought more might have the same questions.  That said, I hope to provide a little more insight into the decision.  First and foremost.  I am extremely proud of the girls and was honored to coach them. I am forever grateful that the girls and parents gave me the opportunity to be their coach.  You

Coach Hobbs, 623-252-3004

Things to know about Bracket Tournament Day!

  • Other than our First Game (we ref at 3pm, then play) the remaining games are determined by the result of our previous game. 

  • We will play 3 matches regardless of the result. 

  • There is an AM Pool, but it won't be as hectic.  There is typically enough parking.

  • Campsites are in the middle of the campus.  Please see Snack schedule for your assigned food.