Desert Rise 12u

Camilla Chairez - #3

Audrey Hobbs - #16

Parker Tsui - #2

Ava Sander - #22

Jayda Hunt - #7

Maliha Young - #5

Shelbie Mitchell - #4

Kaitlyn Hyppa - #8

Everlynd Walberg - #14


Practice Times:

Sunday: 5-7pm @ Imagine Prep

Tuesday: 5:30-7:00pm @ Surprise Elementary


  • ​​Jan 11th: Club Seeding #1​

  • Feb 1st: Club Final Seeding #2

  • Feb 15th-17th: Festival Fiesta

  • Feb 22nd: Club #3

  • March 14th: Club #4

  • March 21st - Club #5

  • March 28th-29th: Vulture Peak (Prescott)

  • April 18th: Club #6

  • May 2nd: Region Championships


**(June 25th-28th: Volleyball Fiesta in Phoenix (Optional - Additional Fee) - Decision to be made by February!



What's next for Desert Rise?  As we are sure you could imagine, this was not how we imagined the first season would go.  Our goal was to provide a safe and fun environment to play while also getting quality coaching. Aside from some expected bumps that go along with a brand new club, with your patience, we believe we were able to do that. That said, there is always room for improvement.  There were so many things we would have loved to have done, but just didn't have the time or resources to provide (pandemic aside).  We would love to see more time for skill development and team/family connection.  Also, to provide opportunities for those that want more national exposure to further their volleyball career.  As we look toward the future, unfortunately we don't see that changing any time soon.  For that reason, we have decided that this season would be the one and only Desert Rise Volleyball season.  We will not be continuing the club moving forward.  It was a tough decision, but one we believe was necessary.  We are extremely grateful for all of your commitments and support this year.  We wouldn't have wanted to have had this experience with anyone else.  For those that are continuing to play, please let's know if we can help in any way. Also, keep us in the loop as to where you end up.  We would love to come see you!

Coach Hobbs, 623-252-3004

Things to know about Bracket Tournament Day!

  • Other than our First Game (we ref at 3pm, then play) the remaining games are determined by the result of our previous game. 

  • We will play 3 matches regardless of the result. 

  • There is an AM Pool, but it won't be as hectic.  There is typically enough parking.

  • Campsites are in the middle of the campus.  Please see Snack schedule for your assigned food. 

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